AutoForm News 2008

October 23, 2008

EasyBlank Enhanced with Feasibility Assessment

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has announced a new enhanced version of EasyBlank. This new version provides a quick feasibility evaluation of the part that also includes an FLD diagram. Users of EasyBlank can now check their product for stamping concerns and perform suitable countermeasures prior to tooling fabrication. More

October 17, 2008

AutoForm Unveils New Software Release – AutoForm Version 4.2

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has announced the worldwide release of AutoForm version 4.2. This version integrates process layout and tool cost calculation into the AutoForm product suite. More

September 24, 2008

Successful Contribution of AutoForm at Numisheet 2008

AutoForm Engineering GmbH successfully participated at the Numisheet 2008 conference in Interlaken, Switzerland from 1-5 September. The excellent benchmark results at the conference confirmed that AutoForm software is not only the acknowledged industry standard, but also widely used for academic and scientific studies. AutoForm was the most used software code for the Numisheet Benchmark Study. More

September 24, 2008

Springback Effects – Mühlhoff Ensures Production Reliability with AutoForm

Mühlhoff Umformtechnik GmbH ensures the production reliability of complex stamping parts with AutoForm simulation. Mühlhoff knows from experience that stamping parts with springback effects represent a high risk for the company, both with regard to costs and lead times. This cautious approach was again proven during the tool development for the roof reinforcement of the Volvo model. More

September 1, 2008

Allgaier, AutoForm and Tebis are Tackling Challenging Market Demands with an Innovative Approach

The die-making industry is facing almost impossible challenges with ever shorter delivery times and more and more competitive prices. The limitations given by traditional methods, have forced Allgaier to explore new options. As a result, AutoForm Engineering GmbH and Tebis AG are supporting Allgaier to implement an innovative approach in order to meet the challenging market demands. More

August 25, 2008

AutoForm Expands Presence in Asia with New Hong Kong Office

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has opened a new branch office in Hong Kong. The new Hong Kong office will enable AutoForm to be even closer to its customers in China and to provide them with an even higher standard of service. More

July 30, 2008

New Module Extends EasyBlank Capability

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has announced an enhanced version of EasyBlank. This enhanced version adds more value by extending the capability of EasyBlank via a new add-on module, which enables the import of various native CAD files. More

June 11, 2008

AutoForm Releases the Version 4.1.2 (MKS) for Windows Users

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has announced the release of AutoForm Version 4.1.2 (MKS). This version addresses Windows users and offers major advantages in terms of installation and performance. More

March 12, 2008

AutoForm Becomes Dassault Systèmes’ Software Partner

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has joined the Dassault Systèmes Component Application Architecture (CAA) Software Partner Program. This partnership enables the integration and enhancement of AutoForm’s unique solutions in the CATIA V5 environment. It also opens the possibility for integration with SIMULIA’s realistic simulation portfolio. More

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