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AutoForm Tube – Software Solution for Successful Design and Simulation of Tubular Parts

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for stamping and Body-in-White assembly processes, presents its enhanced software solution for tubular parts. In addition to new functionalities developed in AutoForm TubeXpert, users can now further improve their tube bending processes through the application of the newly developed AutoForm-TubeBend software product.

The enhancements included in the latest AutoForm TubeXpert version are particularly beneficial for users when carrying out tube bending, forming and hydroforming processes. This version has a completely new solver, which includes new material laws, enhanced contact between tube and tools as well as improved meshing capability. With AutoForm TubeXpert users can reach a new level of accuracy.

The software now supports hot tube forming processes including hot metal gas forming. This rather new technology now also available in the software allows the support of both direct and indirect hot tube forming processes. The enriched material library includes aluminum, stainless steel, manganese-boron steels as well as titanium alloys applicable for hot forming processes. The software supports advanced friction modeling with TriboForm.

In addition, AutoForm TubeXpert allows for flexible process designs, which are essential for expansion joints, bellows and tube end forming. With AutoForm TubeXpert, users can quickly set up all relevant parameters necessary for such process design.

AutoForm-TubeBend is specially designed for the needs of tube bending companies and supports their standard processes, such as CNC rotary draw bending, press bending and tube end forming. The software allows for the rapid design and simulation of these processes. In addition, it enables users to simulate the springback which may arise in the actual production process. Through the automatic springback compensation feature, the necessary adjustments can be made to the tool geometry, bending line, and process parameters. With this software, users can carry out comprehensive virtual tryout analyses in order to efficiently reduce the number of tryout loops. With AutoForm-TubeBend, users can successfully tackle all of the typical challenges they face during the tube bending and forming processes.

Dr. Markus Thomma, CMO of the AutoForm Group, stated: “With our enhanced AutoForm Tube software solution, users are best-equipped to meet the increasing demands regarding tubular parts complexity, ever higher part quality requirements, implementation of new materials as well as increased process complexity. By applying AutoForm Tube solution, our users gain a comprehensive in-depth understanding of tube bending, forming, and hydroforming processes. AutoForm Tube is our software solution for the successful design and simulation of tubular parts. The new release will be available in April.”


Head of Corporate PR & Communications

AutoForm Development GmbH

Zurich, Switzerland