AutoForm Training Seminars

AutoForm now offers a full range of training seminars to meet our customers’ needs over the complete range of AutoForm software solutions – from product concept through process design and tryout to production tooling and process robustness.

Training seminars are held at AutoForm’s offices in the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Korea as well as in other countries. Upon request, the seminars can also be held at customer sites.

Software training seminars are offered at two levels: basic and advanced. AutoForm also offers customized software training seminars. They are all designed to help customers use our software effectively, efficiently and reliably.

Both beginners and experienced AutoForm users can benefit from our seminars. Experienced users can enhance their knowledge and technical expertise, and also develop further insights into the advanced capabilities of our software.

In addition, AutoForm offers fundamental training seminars in sheet metal forming for part designers, tool makers and process/stamping/manufacturing engineers.

We support our skilled users in the update to the new version AutoForm R8. Information about the Update Trainings is available now.

AutoForm training staff is highly qualified and expert at demonstrating and teaching the most effective means of using AutoForm software for any sheet metal/tube engineering and manufacturing application.

AutoForm training seminars are carefully designed to help users leverage the significant advantages of AutoForm – ease-of-use, parametric integration and fast and reliable computation – to the best benefit in the above application areas.

Are you interested in our training seminars? Please take a look at our training dates and our training registration information.

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