AutoForm TubeXpert

AutoForm TubeXpert is an easy-to-use and highly intuitive software solution for rapid tool design and simulation of tube bending, forming and hydroforming processes. The software enables you to meet the increasing demands regarding part complexity, part quality and advanced materials, such as high-strength steels and aluminium, as well as the increasing complexity and variety of forming processes.

With AutoForm TubeXpert, you can carry out comprehensive virtual tryout analyses of the forming process of tubular parts including all process steps from bending and preforming to hydroforming, annealing and calibration, cutting and tube end forming. In addition, the software enables you to perform accurate springback simulation after any of the forming process steps and automatically make the necessary adjustments to the tool geometry and process parameters in order to compensate the effects of springback. The full integration of AutoForm-Sigma technology in AutoForm TubeXpert enables you as a part designer, process engineer, or tool and die maker to systematically improve tool designs and process layouts and evaluate the robustness of the manufacturing process.


  • Verification of multiple alternative concepts for quality and cost improvements
  • In-depth understanding of entire forming process for tubular parts by forming process window evaluation
  • Shorter development time and reduced tooling, material and production costs
  • Improved process reliability for robust manufacturing

Key Features

  • Generation of cost-relevant planning data
  • Creation of all necessary tool designs and seamless process simulation of complete forming process
  • Implementation of company standards and automatic identification of forming issues
  • Springback simulation after any forming operation and automatic tool modification for springback compensation
  • Systematic process improvement and evaluation of manufacturing process robustness


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