Digital Assistant for Tryout

AutoForm-TryoutAssistant acts as a digital assistant during the tryout of draw dies. The software was developed to bring tangible benefits in the tool shop in both the engineering as well as tryout departments. Achieving an efficient tryout requires that these two departments coordinate their activities together. AutoForm-TryoutAssistant assists the tryout process by facilitating the direct communication between these departments.

During process engineering and tool design, different tryout scenarios are evaluated and validated. The best set of process parameters and the corresponding die geometry is then transferred from the engineering to the tryout department. AutoForm-TryoutAssistant significantly facilitates this transfer through its large data management capability, ease-of-use and portability.

In tryout, correctional loops on the draw die must be carried out until it can be used to produce a part of the required quality. Since correctional work and modifications are inevitable, every correction loop that can be avoided offers an immediate advantage in terms of time and money. With AutoForm-TryoutAssistant, however, should a problem arise in tryout, it becomes quickly apparent which measures have a positive influence on the forming result. Based on the engineering data created by AutoForm-Sigma, AutoForm-TryoutAssistant suggests geometry as well as process parameter modifications that are in line with engineering requirements. As a result, the forming issues detected during tryout can be resolved efficiently and reliably.

Through an efficient tryout, the tool shop can successfully deal with complex part geometry, high-strength steel materials, tight deadline requirements and high quality demands. AutoForm-TryoutAssistant assists users in their efforts to increase the reliability of draw dies in tryout in order to achieve efficient and reliable production or, in other words, to find the best optimized die designs for a robust stamping process.

The main benefits of AutoForm-TryoutAssistant are:

  • Reliable digital assistant in tool shops
  • Direct communication between engineering and tryout departments
  • Efficient fine tuning of drawing dies
  • Significant reduction of tryout loops and related costs
  • Increased data portability
    (AutoForm-TryoutAssistant runs on laptops as well as tablets which operate under Windows 10)

The main features of AutoForm-TryoutAssistant are:

  • Efficient check of process parameters and die geometry before tryout
  • Easy check of blank shape and dimensions as well as relative positioning
  • Immediate recording of all significant data during tryout process and of each iteration
  • Comprehensive analysis of process parameters and corresponding geometry modifications
  • Option to localize user interface in local language

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