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SOLIDReporter for SOLIDWORKS – Time and Project Management Tool

Logopress, a long-time SOLIDWORKS® software partner, announces the launch of a new add-in product called SOLIDReporter™ which has been developed for all SOLIDWORKS users. SOLIDReporter™ is an easy-to-use and affordable add-in designed to work seamlessly within SOLIDWORKS to automatically record, monitor and manage time, tasks and projects.

SOLIDReporter will automatically record time spent working on parts, assemblies or drawings while automatically switching between projects based on criteria defined by the user. It also provides the flexibility of creating custom tasks to keep track of time spent while working outside of SOLIDWORKS, whether it is time spent in meetings, on breaks, in the shop, etc.

SOLIDReporter helps the user and the manager to monitor their projects in real time. It also allows the user and the manager to generate analytical reports by project, task, or time period. SOLIDReporter is designed to be forgotten, without forgetting what was worked on in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDReporter automatically stops allocating time to a project, based on a user defined period of inactivity in SOLIDWORKS. The user can also add notes such as reminders, ideas and questions to the currently active project in order to follow up on them later. In addition, a time budget can be set for each individual project. SOLIDReporter then monitors the amount of the budgeted time used providing alerts at project milestones.

Ray Proeber, president of Accurate Die Design Software, stated: “People are often pulled in many different directions and at the end of the day, they don’t want to have to remember what they spent their time on and how long they spent on it. It is also typically only a guess and not an accurate accounting of their time. SOLIDReporter does away with this headache. In no time at all SOLIDReporter will become an indispensable time and project management tool for automatically recording time and generating reports in SOLIDWORKS.”

SOLIDReporter is available for purchase today from Volume purchases in the United States may be made through Logopress’ North American distributor, Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.,


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