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AutoForm R8 – Streamlined Digital Process Chain

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has unveiled its latest software version AutoForm R8. This release brings new features and important enhancements to support customers in streamlining the digital process chain. It is particularly beneficial for users working on topics related to progressive dies, springback compensation as well as on parts produced from patchwork blanks.

AutoForm R8 allows users to streamline the digital process chain through a new set of important features and enhancements. During the development of this version AutoForm was focused on topics that were emphasized by many users in last year’s customer survey.

AutoForm R8 leads to improved strip layout definition: First, users can define the layout for a single or double part and then, they can quickly evaluate and compare different nesting options. This software version allows for the easy prediction of potential blank shape and nesting, the minimization of material usage as well as the early prediction of part costs. In addition, the new feature for webs design enables users not only to use predefined shapes but also to model desired shapes with just a few commands.

This software version also offers more options for springback compensation. AutoForm R8 allows engineers to use real measurements, rather than virtual ones, for compensation. As the compensation is based on arbitrary geometries, part simulation results are not required. As a result, tools can be compensated using external data from various sources, such as measurement, hemming simulation or assembly simulation. This flexibility in sourcing data for springback compensation allows users to increase their use case coverage.

Finally, AutoForm R8 enables users to engineer a feasible stamping process for patchwork blanks. Simulation can now be used as a reliable means to estimate part formability and to test various sizes and configurations of patchwork blanks.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director at AutoForm Engineering, stated: “Our customer’s satisfaction with our products and services is of the greatest importance to us. The feedback and input we received regarding desired new features and enhancements was gathered through close collaboration with our customers worldwide and was of great value during the development of this release. All of the new enhancements and functionalities developed in AutoForm R8 support our users to improve and facilitate their daily work. With AutoForm R8, they are well equipped to reach new goals and to further streamline the digital process chain.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland