Generation of CAD-Quality Die Faces

Despite the widespread use of various CAD systems in engineering, such systems alone cannot fully and efficiently support all the necessary stages in the sheet metal forming engineering process. This is particularly evident during the tool design stage when a die layout for the complete sheet metal forming process must be defined and validated. In order to address this gap, AutoForm has developed a software which enables users to generate CAD-quality die faces in the CATIA environment.

AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA combines AutoForm’s expertise in sheet metal forming process simulation with the powerful design functionalities of CATIA. Through dedicated surfacing commands, AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA enables the user to quickly generate a die face layout, including deep drawing and all secondary operations in the CATIA environment. Once the part geometry is available in CATIA, the predefined standardized process guides the user from part preparation to die face generation. The software offers a new level of speed, surface quality, ease-of-use and error prevention.

AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA is the result of an innovative and quality-oriented approach in process design which improves and facilitates daily work in process design departments. The software is unique in this field and no other on the market supports users in the generation of best-in-class surfaces. All generated surfaces fulfill class A surface requirements and can immediately be used for CNC machining.

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Die Design in CATIA

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