The AutoForm Certification Program establishes the industry standard for the assessment of the knowledge and skills of professional AutoForm users. Courses offered as part of this program include both a theoretical and practical examination to assess the participant’s level of knowledge and expertise.

Certification identifies an employee as a competent and qualified user of AutoForm software and thus represents an important milestone in its professional career. Certification is also of great value to employers in supporting their hiring decisions and in fostering ongoing employee development.

The AutoForm Certification Program consists of two certification levels:

AutoForm Certified User

To achieve the AutoForm Certified User certification, at least four different certifiable (accredited) courses must be successfully completed. Following the successful completion of each course, the certificates issued are valid for the current and two upcoming software versions. After acquiring four valid certificates, AutoForm Certified User status is awarded. This certification grade requires at least one certificate of the current software version and three certificates of the current or the two previous releases.

AutoForm Certified Expert

If the AutoForm Certified User status is maintained over three consecutive software releases, with at least four currently valid certificates, the user is granted the second certification level, AutoForm Certified Expert.