Relief Design for CATIA

Relief design brings us a methodology to apply relief to tool surfaces; this is commonly done to reduce forming force required, to reduce die spotting efforts and thereby shorten die tryout time, as well as to improve part quality by avoiding contact at the end of the stroke. With our newly developed “Clearance Fillet Editor” the user is able to speed up necessary surface modifications while respecting quality expectations.

Over this training, participants will learn how to apply this functionality to a variety of tools without having to leave the CAD environment, while keeping all parametrization.

The following main topics will be covered in detail:

  • Clearance Fillet Editor
    • Clearance Fillet Definition
    • Clearance Fill Definition
  • Various Analysis Functions


This one-day training is intended for users developing tool surfaces for release to NC programming. Operational knowledge of CATIA V5 and AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA are prerequisites for attending this training.

USA: Training Courses

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Worldwide: Training Courses

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