Software for Engineering Manufacturable Sheet Metal Parts

AutoForm-StampingAdviser enables users to quickly and easily evaluate part and process feasibility as well as determine blank shape, material utilization and blank cost. By using AutoForm-StampingAdviser, product designers and engineers as well as process and die-face designers can achieve better product design, improved initial quality and reliable long-term design performance. The software allows them to reduce not only development and manufacturing costs but also total time to market.

AutoForm-StampingAdviser provides valuable feedback on key stamping quality issues, such as risks of splitting and excess thinning, potential for wrinkling and developed blank shape with its associated material costs. The software can be applied based on part geometry alone, with added simple assumptions for tooling or with full tool geometry during the process definition and evaluation phases.

In the simplest application, AutoForm-StampingAdviser is used for early feasibility evaluations based on part geometry alone, without considering tool geometry. For these analyses, the software allows the user to modify the part and, when needed, automatically generate a blankholder surface and a schematic addendum. This results in a much more reliable blank prediction in comparison with a blank determination based solely on the part geometry.

In a more advanced usage, forming analysis and blank development are performed based on the draw-die 3D geometry created by AutoForm-DieDesigner. With a plausible die face, AutoForm-StampingAdviser quickly identifies potential formability issues and determines blank shape, material utilization and blank cost.

The AutoForm-StampingAdviser software provides the possibility to compute and to optimize embedding and nesting. When these blank calculations are coupled with AutoForm-ProcessPlanner, a balance between material and production costs is further made possible.

When applied from early on in the part design cycle, AutoForm-StampingAdviser delivers significant benefits in terms of robust part manufacturability and performance. Its application leads to the continuous improvement of part design quality as well as to the significant reduction in total cost and time of part production.

The main benefits of AutoForm-StampingAdviser are:

  • Rapid assessment of part and process feasibility
  • Continuous improvement of part design for stamping
  • Easy prediction of potential blank shape and nesting
  • Minimization of material usage
  • Early prediction of part costs

The main features of AutoForm-StampingAdviser are:

  • Valuable feedback on key stamping quality issues
  • Application based on part or full tool geometry
  • Rapid geometry modification
  • Several blanking options such as sheared blank shapes (rectangular, trapezoidal and arc-shared blanks) or coil-nested shape blanks
  • Powerful and flexible set-up features



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