Software for Rapid Die Face Generation during Process Engineering

AutoForm-DieDesigner enables feasibility engineers, process planners and tool makers to rapidly create alternative die face designs for the complete sheet metal forming process. The selected die face design is used to automatically generate the tools required for tryout simulations with AutoForm-Solver and is then followed by a results evaluation with AutoForm-Explorer.

AutoForm-DieDesigner is mainly used in the process engineering phase to rapidly generate die face designs for deep drawing tools. Its clear and logical structure enables users to work step-by-step, from the import of CAD part geometry to the complete die face design. These steps include filleting of sharp edges, easy part radii modifications, determination of tip-angle, filling of holes, part modifications, binder and addendum (outer and inner) design, over-crowning, design of the fill surface between double-attached parts, wiper and form tools, development of flanges and evaluation of trim angles.

With AutoForm-DieDesigner the user has in-depth understanding and can validate the process layout as well as sheet behavior during multiple operations. These operations include not only deep drawing, but also all subsequent forming and trimming steps. As a result, process planners can generate multiple, alternative tooling concepts in a short amount of time as well as select the best one with regard to function, quality, time and cost requirements.

Precise geometry modeling in AutoForm-DieDesigner is achieved through morphing technology. By modifying wall angles, unfolding part areas and performing in-plane modification of part details while keeping the regions outside of the morphing untouched, the user can easily evaluate the best tooling concept and optimize the process.

AutoForm-DieDesigner is based on a fully associatively linked model of the entire die layout, which allows the user to easily modify intermediate operations as well as the final part geometry. When such modifications are made, the tooling geometries of all operations and the input for tryout simulation are automatically and instantly updated. As soon as an optimal die face design is determined, surfaces can be exported and processed further in any CAD system.

Since tooling of the entire forming process is easily and consistently defined, AutoForm-DieDesigner significantly improves tool quality and reduces development time in the early phase of process engineering.

The main benefits of AutoForm-DieDesigner are:

  • Easy and rapid generation of die faces, including part modifications
  • Rapid evaluation of multiple, alternative process concepts
  • Efficient selection of the best tooling concept with regard to feasibility, quality and cost requirements
  • Considerable reduction of development time during process engineering
  • Easy in-depth understanding and validation of the process layout as well as sheet behavior during multiple operations
  • Immediate tryout simulations with automatic updating of tools
    (in combination with AutoForm-Solver / AutoForm-Explorer)

The main features of AutoForm-DieDesigner are:

  • Easy generation of parametrized geometric die face model
  • Clear and logical structure enables users to work step-by-step, from the import of CAD part geometry to the complete die face design
  • Easy creation of addendum on the basis of specially adapted profiles
  • Automatic development of flanges on the addendum surface
  • Precise geometry modeling through morphing technology



Customer Use Case:

Tool Design and Build Made SIMple

This product may practice one or more of the following patents owned by or available to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, Switzerland: European patents 1290515, 1623287, 1665103, 1741012, 1804147, 1903409, 2520992, US patents 7542889, 7623939, 7870792, 7885722, 7894929, 8155777, 8271118, 8280708, 8463583, 8478572, 8560103, 8768503, 9342070, 9429932 and JP patents 4633625, 4852420, 5102332, 5188803, 5499126. Other European, other US and other JP patents pending.

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