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Reaching the 1000th Company to have Introduced AutoForm all over the World

The 1000th company to introduce AutoForm is Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd. in Japan

AutoForm Engineering GmbH announces that the number of companies in the world, to have introduced AutoForm software has reached the 1000 mark. This notable 1000th position is held by the automotive stampings manufacturer, Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd., with its headquarter in Toyoda-city, Aichi, Japan.

AutoForm Engineering GmbH was established in Zurich, Switzerland in 1995. As a result of continuous and rapid growth, AutoForm is now the leading supplier of software solutions for die design and sheet metal forming simulation. It is the industry standard among almost all the automotive manufacturers as well as the major suppliers in the field of tooling, stampings and materials around the world.

AutoForm’s simulation software is used by more than 3500 users in 50 countries around the world. In terms of the number of companies using AutoForm solutions, Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd. is the 1000th company to introduce AutoForm.

Mr. Takeshi Suda, Assistant General Manager of the Engineering Division at Toyoda Iron Works, who led the project to introduce AutoForm solutions in the company, stated the following: “There is an increasing number of our customers which use AutoForm, confirming to us once again that AutoForm is the software used by a dominant number of companies around the world. In one of the projects with our customers, AutoForm simulation results were presented first and then the discussion started from there. Thus, AutoForm was the common platform for the project.

Nowadays, the use of high tensile materials is on the increase, making it much more time consuming to examine issues during the simulation. This results in some of the issues often left unresolved since lead-time is crucial. In order to overcome this problem speed and the accuracy of the simulation software are vital. After examining AutoForm, we found that the functionality satisfied our needs, so we decided to introduce the software.

We predict that the pure stamping simulation can be four times faster using AutoForm software. A typical number of analyses that are run on one single part can be up to several dozen times faster. With this speed-up, we should be able to run as many analyses as we need to, resulting in fewer issues in later stage of the process and hence a significant cost reduction. We will also challenge the advanced usage of AutoForm, including the effective application of Sigma.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland