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Logopress ProgSim – Forming Simulation of Progressive Dies inside SOLIDWORKS & Logopress DieDesign Software

Logopress®, a long-time SOLIDWORKS® software partner, announces the launch of a new software product called Logopress ProgSim. This new software enables progressive die designers working in SOLIDWORKS to efficiently simulate, modify, and validate their strip layouts. The software allows them to gain deep insight into the forming process and take corrective measures on the computer screen to prevent costly prototyping and reduce time spent in the tryout press.

Logopress ProgSim was developed using incremental simulation technology powered by the proven, industry-leading AutoForm solver. It is customized for small to medium-sized progressive die companies that want to attain highly accurate results in stamping simulation but cannot justify the cost of an incremental simulation software that does not have a size limitation on the parts that it can simulate. Logopress ProgSim is an affordable, easy to use, and highly accurate forming simulation software, which fully meets the needs of these companies, even for those without any prior FEA experience.

The newly developed software allows progressive die designers rapid and accurate forming simulation of the progressive die process, including drawing, flanging, and forming operations—as well as springback. Users can gain deep insight into the forming process, including force prediction, and can quickly identify problem areas such as wrinkles, splits, or excessive thinning that might occur during the process. This knowledge of the forming process, revealed on the computer screen, expands the overall formability know-how of the entire design department and is also very useful for estimators and die makers.

Logopress ProgSim acts as a virtual tryout press for forming and enables die designers to validate a process quickly and accurately even before the actual die design has begun. This reduces time and costs related to prototyping, as well as time spent in the tryout press.

Yves Thizy, Global Sales Director at Logopress, stated: “I am pleased and excited that we can offer such an effective software option to progressive die designers working with SOLIDWORKS & Logopress DieDesign as it enables them to eliminate formability issues before they build a die. Logopress ProgSim allows them to see what they will achieve in the tryout press while still designing the strip layout. I started my career in the tool & die industry, 30 years ago, at the time of the ‘wire EDM machine revolution’. My feeling is that Logopress ProgSim will soon become as natural and indispensable for a die designer as a wire EDM machine has been to every company that builds dies. Without a doubt, it will lead to a consistently faster and more profitable delivery of progressive dies.”


Global Sales Director

Logopress SAS

Pouilley les Vignes