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AutoForm in the Cloud

AutoForm Engineering GmbH announces a new service, AutoForm in the Cloud. Both long-standing as well as new customers now have flexible, browser-based access to AutoForm technology.

AutoForm has expanded its range of services to better meet the needs of its customers. AutoForm in the Cloud enables access of AutoForm software to a broad spectrum of existing as well new users who lack sufficient on-site software or hardware resources. From now on, both software and hardware can be used directly from the browser, making on-site installation, maintenance, and updates unnecessary. Users can now gain access to AutoForm software products and hardware which they would not have been able to use before. This new service addresses three different use cases.

Firstly, AutoForm in the Cloud is ideal for users who are interested in the full suite of AutoForm Forming R8 products but have either never or hardly ever used AutoForm products or have only periodic peak loads. This new service allows access to AutoForm software products and hardware as well as parallel computing on 8 cores.

Secondly, AutoForm in the Cloud makes robustness studies available to all existing users. For those concerned with robustness, the new service allows access to the corresponding AutoForm software products and hardware, providing a speed-up factor of 16 compared to a typical, well equipped desktop with 8 cores.

Finally, AutoForm in the Cloud serves the needs of existing users who require faster turn-around times and, in particular, more sophisticated computing with AutoForm software for their complex parts. The service enables users to successfully complete their tasks through parallel computing on 8 cores.

With AutoForm in the Cloud, AutoForm software can be used in combination with the optimum hardware architecture in terms of processor type and core memory, storage as well as parallel processing. Users now have access to AutoForm software products and hardware based on their specific needs and can carry out their work effectively and without delays.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director at AutoForm stated: “With AutoForm in the Cloud, users are no longer limited to on-site software and hardware availability. They now have immediate access to virtually unlimited AutoForm software and hardware resources. The flexibility of AutoForm software and hardware usage results in completely optimized costs since you only pay for what you use.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland