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AutoForm Forming R10 – A Further Step Towards Higher Process Quality

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for stamping and BiW assembly processes, has unveiled its latest software version AutoForm Forming R10. This latest release allows users to design forming processes of the highest quality. The important new features and enhancements are of particular benefit to users working in the fields of die face design, springback compensation, tryout, and hot forming.

AutoForm Forming R10 offers new features to fully support die face generation. With this new version, users can develop flanges on form tools not only during the design of the drawing operation but also for the secondary forming operations. The software allows users to deactivate single geometrical features for shape change and activate them again if necessary in order to easily evaluate alternative designs. By using AutoForm Forming R10, they can significantly speed up the process of die face generation.

Furthermore, AutoForm Forming R10 allows users to easily evaluate different compensation strategies. With this version, they can visualize and compare the compensation strategies and then select the one that is best suited to their needs. As a result, the final part geometry can be efficiently realized within the required tolerances and with a minimum number of correction loops in tryout.

In practice, die spotting requires corresponding engineering skills and typically a considerable amount of time to prepare the die during tryout. AutoForm Forming R10 supports virtual die spotting. Users can activate the tools to be spotted and select the position before completely closing the tools where the die spotting should take place. Afterwards, the results can be exported to the CAM department where they can be used for milling. This new feature brings savings in time which would have been dedicated to physical die spotting in tryout.

AutoForm Forming R10 brings additional options to cover processes for which a thick shell element is crucial, such as ironing and coining. Users can now successfully simulate such processes by simply changing the element type from elastic-plastic shell to thick shell. With AutoForm Forming R10, simulation with a thick shell element does not require any modifications of the simulation set-up.

In addition, AutoForm Forming R10 offers new features for more realistic consideration of tribological effects as well as effective solutions for the latest developments in hot forming, such as new trends in tailored tempering, new modern steels, tribology, and high quenching efficiency.

Dr. Markus Thomma, CMO of the AutoForm Group, stated: “We are pleased that with AutoForm Forming R10 we can already meet some of the major expectations expressed by our customers in the latest survey. The high level of satisfaction for both our software and services as indicated by the survey’s multitude of positive responses is a powerful incentive for us. AutoForm continues in its efforts to develop new features and enhancements and provide users with the best software and services. We are looking forward to welcoming our user-community at our events dedicated to this release, which will take place all over the world in the coming weeks.”


Head of Corporate PR & Communications

AutoForm Development GmbH

Zurich, Switzerland