With more than 50 OEMs and over 1000 suppliers as customers, AutoForm is recognized as a key strategic partner in the die-making and sheet metal forming industries. Customers rely on AutoForm to deliver innovative technology that produces real improvements in cost, quality and time.

Elio Falco, CEO at FARA Stampi S.r.l., Italy

“AutoForm solutions applied to progressive die design has allowed us to evolve from handcrafted processes to an industrialised method.”

“Truth be told, thanks to AutoForm, we expanded the variety of parts we produce today, and thus extended our market.”

“We now produce parts that we could never have produced without AutoForm simulation in short amounts of time.”

Source: ISMR October 2018


Steve Hackett, Engineering/Technical Consultant at Whiston Engineering, UK

“We have been using AutoForm simulation software successfully for many years. .... Time is the enemy of the toolmaker – there is never enough of it. Priorities for us are speed, accuracy, ease of use, cost savings and overall efficiency.”

“We are really happy with AutoForm software – we use its DieDesigner, Trim and Sigma modules. We are also looking at using its hemming software in the future.”

Source: ISMR January 2018


Giovanni Costa, project leader for the A/SP Hemming of Thin Gauge AHSS team and corporate hemming specialist at FCA US LLC, USA

“With AutoForm-HemPlanner, the hemming operation could be planed efficiently, and typical hemming defects that occur during the hemming operation could be successfully addressed.”

“The results achieved by the hemming team were exceptional, and AutoForm software aligned with our actual results. It proved to be a valuable tool for early product development.”

Source: LIGHTWEIGHTING WORLD, Premiere Issue 2016


Graeme Haggon, Die Maintenance Supervisor at Nissan Sunderland Plant, UK

“AutoForm has huge potential for us in the sheet metal forming environment. The AutoForm-Sigma software allows us to simulate actual production conditions.”

“Working in the press shop, validation of the AutoForm software is clear as we see actual conditions on the panels that are highlighted by AutoForm simulation. Basically, it provides a more systematic approach, rather than ‘it’s a black art’ mentality.”

Source: ISMR May 2016


Brian Mason, Simulation and Tool Processing Manager with Walker Tool & Die, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, USA

“We’ve used AutoForm since 2011, and are especially happy with the features and computation speeds. We can perform six to 10 iterations in a day on some parts where, before, we would get one.”

“We dropped the project into AutoForm and modified the process to develop the tip and addendums to better attack springback. We saw a big benefit in using simulation for this springback challenge.”

Source: MetalForming April 2016


Valentina Cavenago, Senior Die Surfaces Technician at Fontana Pietro, Italy

“We are satisfied with this collaboration with AutoForm Engineering to investigate the benefits offered by the AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA software. From the very beginning, it has demonstrated the potential to meet our needs.”

“Our objective is to use AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA with any of our customers’ files.”

Source: ISMR February 2015


Oliver Wieland, CEO of EBZ Bm FormTec, Germany

“Based on the excellent results achieved by using AutoForm software products and in order to even better meet customers’ requirements, we have decided to use AutoForm software products along our complete metal forming process chain ...”



Mischa Widmer, Chief Technical Officer at Franke Werkzeugbau AG, Switzerland

“AutoForm-Sigma impresses me over and over again. The software is practice-oriented and well thought out. It allows me to gain insights which I cannot achieve otherwise.”

“This software (AutoForm-Sigma) is of enormous benefit to the image of our tool shop and is indispensable for us to maintain our competitive edge.”

Source: Der Schnitt- & Stanzwerkzeugbau 6/2011


Bernd Krömer, Manager of Die Systems Stamping Engineering Europe at Ford-Werke GmbH in Cologne, Germany

“AutoForm software gives as a greater scope of action in sheet metal forming without compromising reliability. In this way, we save on investment and are, on average, much faster.”

Source: ISMR June 2011