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With more than 50 OEMs and over 950 suppliers as customers, AutoForm is recognized as a key strategic partner to the automotive and sheet metal forming industries. Customers rely on AutoForm to deliver innovative technology that produces real improvements in cost, quality and time.

AutoForm enables users to improve planning reliability, reduce die tryout and optimize material usage, resulting in robust part, tool and process designs. In addition, AutoForm software reduces press downtime and scrap/reject rates in production.

EBZ Group Strategically Relies on AutoForm Software

The EBZ Group is one of the major system suppliers in the worldwide automotive industry. With its state of the art planning, design and simulation technology as well as vast production experience, the EBZ Group develops innovative solutions for the body-in-white sector. In order to even better meet customers’ requirements, EBZ has strategically decided to implement different AutoForm software products along their complete metal forming process chain, which includes product consultation, feasibility investigation, method planning, design, pattern shop and active surface conditioning.

Oliver Wieland, CEO of EBZ Bm FormTec in Ravensburg, stated: “Fast process times, high quality and our worldwide presence define the EBZ Group as a successful engineering partner. Based on the excellent results achieved by using AutoForm software products and in order to even better meet customers’ requirements, we have decided to use AutoForm software products along our complete metal forming process chain and have signed a three-year contract. During this time we will continue to fully rely on AutoForm’s specialized software products and in addition, to benefit from AutoForm’s outstanding project support, consulting and engineering services.”


Robust Production as Ultimate Goal

The Franke Werkzeugbau AG company uses AutoForm-Sigma for the first time on a new product in development. Tool development is carried out on the computer in intensive collaboration with product development. Franke’s sink of the century illustrates how a hundred-year-old product can take a different path and find great success.

Mischa Widmer, Chief Technical Officer at Franke Werkzeugbau AG: “AutoForm-Sigma impresses me over and over again. The software is practice-oriented and well thought out. It allows me to gain insights which I cannot achieve otherwise. This software is of enormous benefit to the image of our tool shop and is indispensable for us to maintain our competitive edge.”

Source: Der Schnitt- & Stanzwerkzeugbau 6/2011

Robust Part Manufacturing

The springback which occurs during the forming of high-strength steels cannot in all cases be mastered by a single compensation calculation. Ford uses dozens of simulations and analytical reports to handle the varying conditions in production. Without this approach, which has been applied on a daily basis for more than a year, certain part characteristics would not even be possible – and these at a reduced cost and faster part availability.

Bernd Krömer, Manager System Stamping Engineering Europe at Ford: “AutoForm Software offers us greater scope of action in the sheet metal forming, without compromising reliability. We save on investments and are faster on the average.”


AutoForm and Volkswagen – A Successful Joint Project

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry and a member of the Dassault Systèmes software partner program, has announced a new project in collaboration with Volkswagen. The main goal of this project is to develop an advanced software product for die face design that enables users to rapidly create CAD quality die faces, which are required for CNC machining. The product under development is called AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA and will be available on the market in 2012.

Ken Short, VP Strategy and Marketing, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes, stated: “This project combines AutoForm´s expertise in sheet metal forming process simulation with the powerful design functionalities of CATIA V5. CATIA users will greatly benefit from AutoForm´s new product. It allows them to create the die layout, which includes not only deep drawing, but also all subsequent forming operations, without having to leave the CATIA environment. As a result, CATIA´s position in the tooling field will be strengthened.”

Source: Der Schritt- & Stanzwerkzeugbau 1/2011

Using AutoForm to Fight Overtime

Demanding customers, tight schedules, modern materials, which already account for unexpected part behavior, and, last but not least, a relentless price war, all present countless challenges for tool manufacturers. The Nuremberg company, Trinklein Werkzeugbau GmbH, masters these tasks thanks to a wealth of experience. In order to benefit from the full potential of their know-how, this medium-sized company invests in AutoForm Engineering GmbH software solutions. The Nuremberg company first simulates the sheet forming process on the computer before moving on to hardware – as a result, time and money are saved, their range of parts is extended and new customers are acquired.

Harald Kessler, Technical Manager at Trinklein: “We want to deliver tools to our customers in the quality promised and by the date agreed upon. This is accomplished more reliably with AutoForm solutions and involves less stress for our staff. We are already even using AutoForm software with much success as an acquisition instrument for Trinklein.”


Stamping Simulation Cuts the Number of Correction Loops in Half

AutoForm Engineering Deutschland GmbH, on a project in collaboration with Schuler Cartec GmbH & Co. KG, has demonstrated how to successfully apply springback compensation on a routine task. Springback simulation has achieved such good results that its implementation in industry is beyond question. Springback compensation is the next logical step. Both companies worked together analyzing a tricky side member for Daimler’s E-Class model.

Helmut Gründler, Assembly Manager and responsible for the tryout, experiences an immediate benefit. He explains: “Just a few years ago, I would have considered a part with such tolerance bands as not feasible. Today, we can produce such parts even when using challenging, modern materials.”

Source: INDUSTRIE, TECHNIK + Wirtschaft, Februar 2010

Double Analysis Output with AutoForm

AutoForm Engineering Deutschland GmbH has collaborated with ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer GmbH (TKDN) on an extensive simultaneous engineering project. This project demonstrates how an efficient software solution and experienced specialists can realize extensive simulation output with no increase in manpower. The main task is to analyze the feasibility of body structural parts for a car project and to prepare its production sequence. By using Auto Form-DataManager and Auto Form-ReportManager, analyses can be documented in detail.

Christof Hoffmann, Manager for Product and Process Development of Body Stamped Parts at TKDN: “The investment in the project support provided by AutoForm and the application of their software has proven fruitful. The results thus far are convincing and I completely support the purchase of further licenses.”

Source: Der Schritt- & Stanzwerkzeugbau 1/2010

Using AutoForm Software for Simulation and Final Validation

Mr. Anders Skogsgårdh, Manager of Engineering and Simulation at Volvo Cars Body Components in Sweden: “From 2000, with big changes in our workload and multiple projects on hand, we made the decision to just use AutoForm software for sheet metal forming.” ... “Some car manufacturers distinguish between simulation and final validation and they like to have two or three different software codes for final validation but we only use AutoForm.” commented Mr. Kristoffer Trana, Senior Forming Analysis Engineer.

Source: International Sheet Metal Review, May/June 2006

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