Accurate hemming is very important since it affects surface appearance and surface quality, two important aspects which attract the attention of potential customers. Material deformations, which occur during the hemming process, can lead to dimensional deviations and other typical hemming defects, including splits and wrinkles in the flange, material overlaps in the corner areas and material roll-in.

To address these important issues, AutoForm has developed a software which enables you to efficiently plan the hemming process and supports you in roll and table top hemming. Depending on the product development process phase, there are two use cases. First, you can use quick hemming in the early stages of product development and production planning when the die layout of the drawing and forming operations is still not available. Second, you can use advanced hemming in process engineering when the detailed definition of the forming operations is already available. Furthermore, this software enables you to predict full assembly springback after hemming.

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