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AutoForm offers online services to target the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises worldwide and to promote the benefits of simulation technology to the stamping industry at any time and from any location.

The e-commerce solution is developed in partnership with and features a mix of both software products and online engineering services.

Software Products

EasyBlank calculates blank shapes and material costs, and optimizes material yield. The application is free to download and use, and reports can be purchased online. Buying the report gives the customer the right to use the results for commercial purposes. EasyBlank rapidly calculates the developed blank outline from CAD geometry and determines the optimal nesting layout, using the well known AutoForm simulation technology. The reports contain detailed information on material consumption, thinning distribution of the part, blank outline and optimal nesting layout. The benefits for the user are early cost analysis, minimization of material costs, usage and scrap.

Engineering Services

SimulateLite and SimulateComplete are provided as online engineering services for tool makers who have no access to world class forming simulation technology.

SimulateLite allows any tool maker to test their die face or process design in the virtual world, before any steel is cut. The simulation identifies any predicted forming problems, with the objective to solve these by simulating ideas and countermeasures in the virtual environment, thereby proving the design before committing to costly tooling fabrication.

SimulateComplete allows anyone to design and develop a successful forming process starting from just the product design geometry. The product design geometry is turned into die face geometry and used in simulation to develop a forming process.

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