EasyBlank® Cloud Service

Rapid Blank Shape Determination and Material Cost Estimation

AutoForm offers EasyBlank Cloud Service to target the needs of small and medium sized enterprises in the field of sheet metal stamping. The EasyBlank software is specially designed for sheet metal part designers, tool and die designers, and material cost estimators.

EasyBlank Cloud Service is free of charge and can be used directly from the browser without having to install the software. The results are provided within the browser and in addition, the user can access them in IGS CAD format accompanied by a detailed report in Excel format. Feel free to try the EasyBlank Cloud Service with our example part or start using it with your own part geometry.

EasyBlank Cloud Service allows for the rapid determination of blank shape, early feasibility assessment and material cost estimation.

Using AutoForm’s leading simulation technology, the software rapidly determinates the developed blank outline from CAD part geometry. EasyBlank is also specialized in identifying the optimal nesting layout while taking into account several important parameters such as coil width, pitch or required bridge span. Several types of nesting layouts are available to users. The material data base, which includes additional important parameters for the most commonly used materials in stamping, is already incorporated in EasyBlank. In addition to these features, EasyBlank also enables users to assess product feasibility. Since cost reduction is ultimately required at every stage of product development, early feasibility assessment eliminates costly, late changes to part design and thereby enables the early optimization of material cost.

The analysis results are summarized in an Excel based report which contains detailed information on blank outline, optimal nesting layout, material consumption and cost, thinning distribution of the part, feasibility plot and the associated FLD diagram. EasyBlank enables the automatic creation of such reports, which facilitate internal communication between different departments as well as between OEMs and suppliers. These reports are also useful for quotation purposes. The benefits for users are early cost and manufacturability analyses, optimal material usage and minimization of scrap and costs.

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