Compensation for Assemblies

Assembling parts can lead to dimensional deviations due to gravity, tolerance stack-ups and the clamping strategy. Since the parts to be assembled are affected by springback, results may be inaccurate when these parts are joined. Therefore, springback must be managed to determine which parts need to be compensated in order to ensure the assembly within tolerance.

AutoForm Assembly software enables you to identify the impact of springback on the parts that have to be assembled, based on the results of the stamping simulations. Using AutoForm Assembly, you can analyze the assembly for dimensional accuracy and identify the most critical parts. You can then create a compensation strategy to produce the target virtual assembly reference geometry within tolerance and with minimum effort.


This half-day course provides an introduction to the workflow for developing a virtual assembly reference geometry and its use for improving the dimensional accuracy of BiW assemblies. It is intended for die designers, tooling engineers, BiW manufacturing engineers and process planners.

Pre-requisite: Assembly BiW or Assembly Hemming

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