AutoForm offers an e-commerce solution to target the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises worldwide, and promotes the benefits of simulation technology to the stamping industry.

The purpose of the EasyBlank software is to calculate blank shapes from 3D CAD files of sheet metal stamped parts. The calculated blank shape is then nested and optimized into a coil layout, estimating material costs for sheet metal tooling projects.

EasyBlank uses a one step calculation to turn complex 3D part designs into flat patterns, in just seconds. The entire process, from CAD import to results on the screen, typically takes less than three minutes.

The software is free to download and use. The results can be instantly purchased in IGS CAD format and are accompanied by a detailed report. Buying the report gives the customer the right to use the results for commercial purposes.

The reports contain detailed information on material consumption, thinning distribution of the part, blank outline and optimal nesting layout. The benefits for the user are early cost analysis, minimization of material costs, usage and scrap.

For further information see also www.easystamping.com.

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