AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA is an essential toolkit for you as a sheet metal product designer, fully integrated into the CATIA V5 environment. The OneStep Feasibility workbench brings together all of the functionalities for the quick assessment of the countermeasures necessary to avoid potential splits and thinning of a part prior to its release. AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA enables you detailed strain and thickness evaluations through the CATIA V5 GPS module.


  • Quick part check for stamping concerns within the CATIA V5 environment
  • Fully associative, reliable and quick manufacturing studies on design alternatives, material type and gage, and stamping layout
  • Estimation of part weight and blank requirement
  • Improved performance analysis (crash, NVH, durability, etc.) through mapping of forming results

Key Features

  • Guided feasibility assessment embedded within CATIA V5
  • Built-in wizard for easy, rapid and continuous product evaluation until final release
  • Automatic and accurate blank shape, part weight and material utilization
  • Simplicity and quick turnaround time (5 – 15 minutes) on assessments


[PDF – 591 KB]