Software for Simulation of Progressive Dies Tailored for Cimatron Users

AutoForm-ProgSim allows progressive die makers to efficiently design, simulate, validate and correct their strip concept. Strip concept validation is essential for any progressive die maker as it prevents costly trial and error adjustments as well as costly prototype design and creation.

AutoForm-ProgSim simulates the entire progressive die stamping process including drawing, flanging, forming and trimming operations as well as springback evaluation. The efficient simulation is achieved through incremental simulation technology. Once the tool geometry is defined in Cimatron, it can be easily exported to AutoForm-ProgSim enabling the user to simulate the entire stamping process and validate the results. The results generated, such as optimized trim lines and springback, can then be exported back to Cimatron for tool adaptations. The tailored data exchange between Cimatron and AutoForm-ProgSim leads to fast and reliable results. What is more, the optimization of trim lines leads to the elimination of laser-trim tryouts later on in the process significantly reducing lead time and costs. AutoForm-ProgSim is an ideal software complement for designers of progressive dies and can greatly benefit their daily work processes.

The main benefits of AutoForm-ProgSim are:

  • Reduced simulation setup time
  • Zeroed risk of tool interference/collisions
  • Rapid identification of issues and quick evaluation of countermeasures
  • Efficient tool validation including trim line optimization and springback minimization
  • Reduced time and costs related to correction loops necessary during real tryout

The main features of AutoForm-ProgSim are:

  • Easy import of tool geometry directly from CAD environment
  • Simple definition and validation of process parameters supported by tool kinematic check
  • Accurate stamping process results based on incremental simulation technology
  • Quick geometry tool replacement
  • Intuitive post processing capabilities



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