Software for Effective Process Planning

AutoForm-ProcessPlanner software allows a wide range of AutoForm users to rapidly define alternative stamping processes and to evaluate their viability. The resulting process plans lead to the production of quality and cost effective parts within the guidelines and standards of their manufacturing operations.

Users of AutoForm-ProcessPlanner include planners and cost estimators early in the planning and bidding phases, as well as engineers later in the methods engineering and production planning phases.

Planners and cost estimators use AutoForm-ProcessPlanner to generate basic process plans using 3D CAD part data, in order to estimate tooling and piece costs.

Methods and stamping engineers use AutoForm-ProcessPlanner to generate more refined process plans that reflect additional product and process details. They use the software to evaluate, revise and document their process concepts. For these engineers, AutoForm-ProcessPlanner spans the gap between conventional static 2D standard process concepts and 3D die layout models.

AutoForm-ProcessPlanner automatically detects the geometry features (e.g. flanges, holes, edges) of the input CAD part data. Users can then rapidly create alternative process concepts. For example, they can define the stamping process steps that conform to the simplest process possible, or propose alternative processes to best address quality or cost goals.

The features of AutoForm-CostEstimator and AutoForm-StampingAdviser are now integrated in AutoForm-ProcessPlanner. As a result, users can estimate tooling and piece costs, optimize blank utilization and nesting, and assess manufacturability of parts.

AutoForm-ProcessPlanner also allows for the direct viewing and editing of proposed trim curves, press orientation and cam angles. The created process plan is immediately available as the basis for process engineering within AutoForm-Explorer, to guide the creation of required die face and simulation inputs. 3-dimensional representation of the process definition is available for export to CAD environments, for further die layout and die design activities.

Throughout the process engineering phase, as the die face and forming process are adjusted, AutoForm-ProcessPlanner enables the definition and editing of these alternative processes, ensuring that as the process matures so does the documented intent of the process plan.

The main benefits of AutoForm-ProcessPlanner are:

  • Rapid generation and evaluation of alternative process plans
  • Highly flexible software, allowing automated or user defined process plans
  • Increased planning reliability to meet quality and cost targets
  • Direct transfer of process plan for process engineering and validation

The main features of AutoForm-ProcessPlanner are:

  • Process plans based on part geometry features
  • 3D definition and visualization of process engineering input
  • Intuitive definition of process sequence
  • Objective evaluation of process plans



This product may practice one or more of the following patents owned by or available to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, Switzerland: European patents 1290515, 1623287, 1665103, 1741012, 1804147, 1903409, 2520992, US patents 7542889, 7623939, 7870792, 7885722, 7894929, 8155777, 8271118, 8280708, 8463583, 8478572, 8560103, 8768503, 9342070, 9429932 and JP patents 4633625, 4852420, 5102332, 5188803, 5499126. Other European, other US and other JP patents pending.

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