Software for OneStep Feasibility Assessment inside CATIA

AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA, an essential toolkit for sheet metal product designers, is the first AutoForm software module that is fully integrated into the CATIA V5 environment. Embedded within CATIA, the OneStep Feasibility workbench brings together all functionality necessary for quickly assessing and counter measuring potential splits and thinning on product prior to its release. AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA enables detailed strain and thickness evaluations through CATIA V5 GPS module.

AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA provides the following benefits:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity of product designers – staying within the CATIA V5 environment, product designers can continuously check their product for stamping concerns
  • Enable quick and meaningful feasibility checks on product based on stamping process inputs such as stamping direction, single versus double-attached stamping, wrap surface, short sheet condition, etc.
  • Enable fully associative, reliable and quick manufacturing studies on design alternatives, material type and gage, and stamping layout
  • Minimize expensive post-release changes to product
  • Estimate part weight and blank requirement for product
  • Improve performance analysis (crash, NVH, durability, etc.) through mapping of forming results

The main features of AutoForm-OneStepforCATIA are:

  • Manufacturing-guided feasibility assessment embedded within CATIA V5
  • Built-in wizard for easy, rapid and continuous product evaluation until final release
  • Fully associative manufacturing studies on product features, material grade and gage
  • Automatic and accurate blank shape, part weight and material utilization
  • Simplicity and quick turnaround time on assessments – between 5 and 15 minutes



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