AutoForm Hydro

Software Solution for Rapid Tool Design and Simulation of Tube Hydroforming Processes

AutoForm Hydro is an easy-to-use and highly intuitive software solution for rapid tool design and simulation of tube hydroforming processes. With AutoForm Hydro, users are equipped to meet the increasing demands regarding part complexity, part quality and implementation of new materials as well as the increased complexity and variety of processes.

This software solution enables the user to carry out a complete virtual tryout of the hydroforming process which involves all of the process steps, such as bending, preforming, hydroforming, annealing, calibration, cutting and springback. Starting from the initial part geometry, AutoForm Hydro allows users to rapidly generate all necessary tool geometries as well as to simulate and evaluate the complete forming process of hydroformed parts. AutoForm Hydro is used by part designers, process engineers as well as tool and die makers to evaluate hydroforming tool designs and process layouts.

With the increasing usage of challenging materials, such as high strength steels, the analysis of springback issues when hydroforming parts is becoming more and more important. AutoForm Hydro enables accurate springback simulation and evaluation of springback after any forming process step. In addition, AutoForm Hydro enables the simulation and evaluation of the entire hydroforming process, either by high, multi step high or (low) multi pressure hydroforming technologies, which allows the user to select the best of them.

This software solution provides a comprehensive in-depth understanding and validation of the entire hydroforming process. With AutoForm Hydro, companies can benefit from shorter development times, reduced tooling, material and production costs as well as improved process reliability.

The main benefits of AutoForm Hydro are:

  • Rapid verification of multiple alternative concepts for quality and cost improvements
  • Comprehensive in-depth understanding and validation of entire hydroforming process
  • Shorter development time and reduced tooling, material and production costs
  • Improved process reliability for robust manufacturing
  • Increased overall competitiveness

The main features of AutoForm Hydro are:

  • Automatic determination of the bending line of the tube
  • Rapid generation of tool designs for bending, preforming, intermediate and final hydroforming operations
  • Easy process setup and simulation of complete forming process for hydroformed parts
  • Easy identification of forming issues such as splits, excessive thinning, wrinkles and springback
  • Accurate springback simulation and evaluation after any forming process step



This product may practice one or more of the following patents owned by or available to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, Switzerland: European patents 1290515, 1623287, 1665103, 1741012, 1804147, 1903409, 2520992, US patents 7542889, 7623939, 7870792, 7885722, 7894929, 8155777, 8271118, 8280708, 8463583, 8478572, 8560103, 8768503, 9342070, 9429932 and JP patents 4633625, 4852420, 5102332, 5188803, 5499126. Other European, other US and other JP patents pending.

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