TriboForm Joins AutoForm

TriboForm, a company offering software solutions for the simulation of friction, lubrication and wear, has joined the AutoForm Group. TriboForm’s expertise in the field of tribology provides a new dimension to sheet metal forming simulation. The integration of TriboForm’s technology into AutoForm software will bring substantial benefits to AutoForm users.

This acquisition represents an important contribution to AutoForm’s goal of continuous improvements in stamping simulation accuracy. Through a more realistic consideration of tribological effects, a new level of simulation accuracy can be achieved. TriboForm’s products will complement AutoForm’s product portfolio and will be offered to the market by TriboForm itself as well as by local AutoForm subsidiaries. TriboForm, located in the Netherlands, will become AutoForm’s center of expertise for tribology.

About Tribology and TriboForm

Tribology is the science and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear. In recent years, tribology has become increasingly important in the field of sheet metal forming. In this area, it takes into account the effects of motion as well as the interaction between sheet material, lubricant and tool or coating material during the forming process. These tribological interactions influence the quality of the formed parts as well as the stability and efficiency of the production process.

The main challenge in developing software solutions in this field has been how to appropriately represent complex tribological phenomena through easy-to-use software. One of the most innovative companies to deal with this issue is TriboForm. The TriboForm software allows the user to quickly simulate the effects that tool coatings, lubricant, material surface characteristics or new sheet materials have on friction and ultimately on product quality. This leads to savings on expensive tool modifications during tryout or production.