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Efficient Planning of Hemming Processes Fully Integrated in AutoFormplus R6

AutoForm Engineering GmbH presents its enhanced AutoForm-HemPlannerplus software, which is now fully integrated in the AutoFormplus R6 version. This integration offers all the advantages of AutoFormplus R6’s efficient workflow and a newly enhanced graphical user interface.

The accuracy of the hemming operation is very important since it affects the surface appearance and surface quality of the component. Material deformations, which occur during the hemming process, can lead to dimensional deviations and other typical hemming defects, including splits and wrinkles in the flange, material overlaps in the corner areas and material roll-in. To address these important issues, AutoForm Engineering offers the enhanced version of AutoForm-HemPlannerplus, which allows for the efficient planning of hemming process.

AutoForm-HemPlannerplus, which is now fully integrated in AutoFormplus R6, enables users to easily define and optimize the hemming operation. In combination with AutoForm-Solverplus, this software offers immediate benefits, such as: efficient planning of hemming processes to meet quality and cost requirements, effective implementation for early feasibility and final validation studies, rapid identification of typical hemming defects, prediction of full assembly springback after hemming as well as easy data exchange internally between different departments and externally between OEMs and suppliers. In addition, this software allows for compensation of inner and outer parts as well as any adjustments of the hemming equipment.

AutoForm-HemPlannerplus supports roll, conventional die and table top hemming. Depending on the product development process phase, the software supports two use cases, namely quick and advanced hemming. Quick hemming is used in the early stages of product development and production planning when the die layout of the drawing and forming operations is still not available. Advanced hemming is used in process engineering when the detailed definition of the forming operations is already available.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director of AutoForm Engineering, stated: “In combination with our powerful solver algorithms, AutoForm-HemPlannerplus ensures the efficient planning of hemming processes. Users will benefit greatly from a fully integrated hemming solution provided by AutoFormplus R6. The new level of speed which can be achieved is a particular highlight of the software. Depending on the selected hemming process and geometry, a hood can now be simulated in just two to six hours, which represents a significant additional benefit for users working in this field.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland