The training introduces fundamentals of planning and simulation of hemming operation with AutoForm-HemPlanner. Using this product it is possible to create a concept of a hemming process (forming operation which is typically used to join parts together) and to simulate it. Various types of hemming technology are supported, i.e.: conventional die or table-top hemming and robotic roller hemming.

Efficient implementation of the software makes it possible to support various types of hemming activities during the development process. Early evaluation of hemming geometry, process planning, choice of appropriate hemming technology, design of active tool surfaces and tool’s kinematics can be done based on the CAD surfaces. Final concept of the hemming operation can be validated after the detailed design of drawing and secondary operations is made available. The main goal of this phase is to make sure that a problem-free production will be achieved and quality of the hemmed part will be within specification requirements. Typical hemming defects, such as material splitting or wrinkling, as well as prediction of material roll-in can be estimated and used to improve the concept of the hemming operation.

The following main topics are covered in detail:

  • Basics: Development of concept of hemming operation based on CAD geometry
  • Definition and simulation of robotic roller hemming. Generation of roller tools and their trajectories
  • Definition and simulation of conventional die hemming. Generation of active faces of pre- and final hemming tools and their kinematics.
  • Simulation and evaluation of complete forming process including drawing, secondary and hemming operations.
  • Evaluation of a hemming simulation: Determination of tool forces, material roll-in, geometry of the hem, material wrinkles and splits.


The two-day training is intended for process layout engineers with basic knowledge of the simulation of “cold forming” with AutoForm (Base Training: Process Engineering I & II ), who are involved in the tool design for hemming processes.

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