AutoForm’s 2017 Survey – Voice of the Customer

Given the need to improve services in line with customer demand and feature request AutoForm carries out its customer satisfaction survey periodically.

Since the last feedback was obtained in 2014 AutoForm has implemented several ideas based on that survey alone. Customers requested changes to the service and software and AutoForm took steps to actualise those requests.

Responses also showed us new technical tendencies, so it was possible to focus on developments towards issues. This is why this year’s survey is so important.

“The survey gives customers the opportunity to tell us their impressions and experiences in using software. Where do they see a need for improvement? Do they need more training in any specific area? Are they even aware of all the functionalities they have at their fingertips and are they using them? Survey participants are hands-on software users, as well as qualified engineers and commercial managers. One of the reasons why AutoForm remains the market leader is that through the survey we really listen and implement changes.” Éva Schönbach, Market Research at AutoForm.

A nice example of implementation from the last survey was the grand opening of the new training centre in South Korea improving proximity.

The feedback also led to several advances which were rolled out in AutoFormplus R6 and R7.

New Korea Training Center – As Requested in Last Survey

The upcoming survey will take place at the end of 2017.

Customers will receive an announcement 2nd October and a link to the online survey 16th October.

“Our hope for this survey is a very insightful participation from our customers. The majority realise that not only do we at AutoForm appreciate the time they take to fill out the online questions, but also customers realise how important it is because it provides input for the future development that meets their own needs.” Éva Schönbach, Market Research at AutoForm.

“Therefore we hope customers are just as excited as we are to bring change to the world of simulation together. It takes both sides to successfully achieve a better picture of demands; again in both regarding concrete features and regarding new tendencies.” Éva Schönbach, Market Research at AutoForm.

Please check your e-mail starting from October.