AutoForm Material Updates: Severstal

Severstal material database contains:

The material files are stored in the ready to run binary mtb-format. Please download the zipped file and import the complete directory “Severstal” into the directory “BrandName_MDB” that should be placed in same level as “Europe”, “Japan” or “USA”.

  • Steels_for_Cold_Forming
  • Severstal_DC04_0.8mm
  • Severstal_DC04_0.95mm
  • Severstal_DC04_2mm
  • Severstal_DC05_0.65mm
  • Severstal_DC05_0.9mm
  • Severstal_DD12_2mm
  • Severstal_DX54D_0.7mm
  • Severstal_DX54D_0.9mm
  • Severstal_DX56D_0.6mm
  • Severstal_DX56D_1.2mm
  • Severstal_DX57D_0.6mm
  • Severstal_DX57D_0.9mm

  • Steels_Conventional_HSS
  • Severstal_07GBYu_2.0mm
  • Severstal_HC260LA_1.0mm
  • Severstal_HC300LA_0.6mm
  • Severstal_HC380LA_1.2mm
  • Severstal_HCT590X_1.2mm
  • Severstal_HX220BD_0.65mm
  • Severstal_HX300LAD_1.0mm
  • Severstal_HX340LAD_1.0mm
  • Severstal_HX340LAD_1.2mm
  • Severstal_S420MC_4.75mm
  • Severstal_S460MC_2.0mm

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