Software for Fast and Easy Data Exchange between AutoForm and CATIA

AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA ensures seamless data flow between AutoForm and CATIA. As a result, process design departments are able to enhance their work efficiency through more effective collaboration with both in-house and external departments.

AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA enables users to easily export the process data from AutoForm into the CATIA environment. The exported data includes: concept geometry data such as surfaces (die, form and wiper tools), curves (profiles, drawbead lines and material zones) and points (pilot, sphere and spacer groups and clamps), project information, material information such as name and thickness, as well as process information such as operations, positioning and cam direction. In addition, users can export results such as formcheck and simulation results.

Based on the imported process data, AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA allows users to rapidly design the process, in particular to generate CAD quality surfaces in the CATIA environment. Process design results generated in the CATIA environment can then be easily exported for the final validation in AutoForm.

Due to the automatic and consistent naming of imported and exported features, AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA leads to a significant speedup of the CAD design process and efficiently prevents errors which may occur during manual import and export operations. AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA ensures efficient data exchange and improves data consistency, transparency and usability.

The main benefits of AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA are:

  • Fast and easy data exchange between AutoForm and CATIA
  • Improved data consistency, transparency and usability
  • Speedup of CAD design process
  • Efficient prevention of downstream problems and defects
  • Supply chain support

The main features of AutoForm-QuickLinkforCATIA are:

  • Selective import and export of geometry and process data between AutoForm and CATIA
  • Easy modification of geometry, part position, tipping and cam directions
  • Rapid generation of CAD quality surfaces by AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA
  • Consistent naming and nomenclature
  • Transfer of complete operation structure



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