Software for Interactive Presentation of AutoFormplus Files and Results

AutoForm-Presenterplus allows the user to open, share and view AutoFormplus files created either in-house or externally. The user can safely review AutoFormplus input files and results without the risk of overwriting or changing the consistency between them. The software allows for detailed viewing of the defined process input and the subsequent metal forming results.

With AutoForm-Presenterplus, the user can access, view and evaluate imported data, material file data, die face geometry and related parameters as well as visualize simulation results at any time computed for the stamping process. This software provides a dynamic format for the user to easily discuss and share design concepts, forming process plans and results.

Files created by AutoFormplus software are made portable with AutoForm-Presenterplus. They can be reviewed easily at any place or time without occupying valuable production licenses. In addition, previously identified stamping issues can be compared to determine if the process has been improved in subsequent iterations. The software also allows the user to evaluate whether results are consistent and in compliance with the standards defined for an organization.

The main benefits of AutoForm-Presenterplus are:

  • Presentation and animation of simulated stamping processes results
  • Efficient sharing of data in-house and externally, with no risk of lost input or results
  • Easy comparison of design variations
  • Efficient evaluation for consistency and compliance with the organization’s standards

The main features of AutoForm-Presenterplus are:

  • Interactive 3D multi-design view
  • Animation of complete results
  • Comparison of simulation inputs
  • Display of known issues saved in AutoFormplus files



This product may practice one or more of the following patents owned by or available to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, Switzerland: European patents 1290515, 1623287, 1665103, 1741012, 1804147, 1903409, 2520992, US patents 7542889, 7623939, 7870792, 7885722, 7894929, 8155777, 8271118, 8280708, 8463583, 8478572, 8560103, 8768503, 9342070, 9429932 and JP patents 4633625, 4852420, 5102332, 5188803, 5499126. Other European, other US and other JP patents pending.

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