Software for Optimal Wear Protection

AutoForm-DieAdviser determines the optimal tool layout and efficient wear protection concept, based on AutoForm-Solver simulation results. The durability of tool materials, hardening and tool coating are defined taking the production quantity and press stroke rate into account. This innovative and unique software, offers new insights on how to improve tool layout early in the product development process and how to provide longer lasting and lower cost tooling. Using AutoForm-DieAdviser, the customers in the tool design and stamping fields can meet the modern challenges: introduction of new materials such as ultra-high-strength steels, requirements for higher press stroke rates and less lubricant consumption.

The main benefits of AutoForm-DieAdviser are:

  • Reduces tooling costs due to an efficient wear protection concept that can already be defined during the tooling and engineering phase – it eliminates later complex and expensive tool modifications during tryout or production
  • Substantially improves production efficiency by minimizing rejects, press down time during production and tool maintenance, as well as by allowing for higher press stroke rates and less lubricant consumption
  • Enables cost-effective wear protection according to production volumes
  • Increases the performance and durability of the tool
  • Ensures part quality

The main features of AutoForm-DieAdviser are:

  • Fast determination of an optimal wear protection concept – within a few minutes!
  • Precise identification of areas with intensive tool wear
  • Comprehensive differentiation of sheet materials (galvanized / non-galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum) and type of parts (structural or outer) for the appropriate wear concept
  • Powerful wear protection concepts that combine:
    - Tool material
      (cast iron, cast steel, cold steel, high-speed steel or special tool steel)
    - Hardening
      (flame, inductive, laser or full hardening or plasma nitriding)
    - Tool coating
      (hard chrome plating, pulse-plasma-diffusion, various PVD and CVD coatings or carbon coating)



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