Software for Estimation of Tooling Costs Early in Planning & Bidding

AutoForm-CostEstimator is designed for OEMs and tooling suppliers to estimate tooling costs early in the planning and bidding phases. It enables users to rapidly calculate tooling costs for automotive sheet metal parts, based on possible process plans.

AutoForm-CostEstimator represents a completely new approach for calculating tooling costs based on the CAD part geometry. AutoForm software automatically associates each part detail which has an impact on tooling costs, to a production step. With just a few mouse clicks, AutoForm-CostEstimator calculates tooling costs based on the defined production sequence. Therefore, users can systematically evaluate alternative production concepts and rapidly identify the most cost-effective one. The software’s speed and ease-of-use significantly reduce the time required for estimating tooling costs.

The automatic detection of part geometry features and the costing engine embedded in AutoForm-CostEstimator are ideal replacements for conventional Excel-based worksheets and tedious, manual calculations. 

More consistently, more reliably and more rapidly – AutoForm-CostEstimator produces tooling cost estimates based on your CAD part data and stamping process.

The main benefits of AutoForm-CostEstimator include:

  • Quantify the cost impact of alternate stamping processes on tooling costs
  • Rapid estimation of tooling costs based on CAD part data and stamping process
  • More consistent and reliable cost estimates in minutes

The main features of AutoForm-CostEstimator include:

  • Full graphic-based 3D approach using CAD part geometry
  • Automatic detection of part geometry features
  • Intelligent costing engine for stamping operations



This product may practice one or more of the following patents owned by or available to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, Switzerland: European patents 1290515, 1623287, 1665103, 1741012, 1804147, 1903409, 2520992, US patents 7542889, 7623939, 7870792, 7885722, 7894929, 8155777, 8271118, 8280708, 8463583, 8478572, 8560103, 8768503, 9342070, 9429932 and JP patents 4633625, 4852420, 5102332, 5188803, 5499126. Other European, other US and other JP patents pending.

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