AutoForm News 2009

November 17, 2009

Hot Forming with AutoFormplus R1 – A Unique Set of Benefits

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has successfully developed an innovative solution for hot forming simulation. AutoFormplus R1 supports direct and indirect hot forming as well as other processes which involve temperature or strain-rate dependent material. More

October 20, 2009

Double Analysis Output with AutoForm

AutoForm Engineering Deutschland GmbH has collaborated with ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer GmbH (TKDN) on an extensive simultaneous engineering project. This project demonstrates how an efficient software solution and experienced specialists can realize extensive simulation output with no increase in manpower. More

September 29, 2009

Real Pilot Modeling for Progressive Die Stamping in AutoFormplus R1

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has developed a new innovative function for progressive die stamping – AutoFormplus R1 provides a physical model for pilots. Pilots play an important role in progressive die stamping for strip positioning. More

September 8, 2009

Cost-Optimized Process Plan with AutoFormplus R1

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has developed a new software module which enables the rapid and transparent definition of cost-optimized process plans. AutoFormplus R1 users can rapidly evaluate different process alternatives and gain insight into related costs. More

July 7, 2009

Kinematic Hardening Model in AutoFormplus – A New Level of Accuracy in Springback Simulation

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has developed a new material model. This model is well suited for a wide spectrum of modern materials and is currently one of the best and most advanced material models. It enables AutoFormplus R1 users to achieve a new level of accuracy in springback simulation. More

May 26, 2009

AutoForm Unveils AutoFormplus R1 – the First Release of the New Product Line AutoFormplus

AutoForm Engineering GmbH announces the worldwide release of AutoFormplus R1. This is the first release of the already announced new product line AutoFormplus, which focuses primarily on the new solver technology. More

March 31, 2009

AutoForm Announces New Product Line – AutoFormplus

AutoForm Engineering GmbH announces a new product line called AutoFormplus. This state-of-the-art technology covers the entire process chain and brings together all the important aspects of sheet metal forming. The innovations achieved with AutoFormplus will mark a radical step forward in the sheet metal forming industry. More

March 24, 2009

weba Selects AutoForm-CostCalculator as Its Software of Choice

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has succeeded in demonstrating to weba Werkzeugbau Betriebs GmbH the effectiveness of its software for tool cost calculation. The largest tooling company in Austria has signed a multi-annual license agreement for the use of AutoForm-CostCalculator. Using AutoForm technology, weba can now address the tool and material costs in a completely new manner based on part geometry. More

March 17, 2009

AutoForm Wins the Swiss Venture Club Award for Entrepreneurs

The Swiss Venture Club (SVC) Award for Entrepreneurs this year goes to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry. The Jury nominated AutoForm Engineering for the final from among more than a hundred companies. The software supplier emerged the winner against five other finalists. More

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