AutoForm Technical Seminars 2016 were held in the major automotive hubs of China in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun and Beijing in November. The aim was to link expertise from AutoForm with expertise from the Chinese market. An impressive number of 229 participants from automotive OEMs, manufacturing companies, components and parts suppliers together with related college teachers attended the events this year to engage in discussions and gave highly positive feedback.


Dr. Bart Carleer was introducing AutoFormplus R7 highlights

Dr. Bart Carleer, AutoForm Technical Director, gave his lecture on “The next level of process simulation”; the motto of AutoFormplus R7.


Participants got absorbed in the lecture

He talked about significant highlights of the latest released AutoFormplus R7 software including Progressive Die Application, material modeling and springback compensation. He also gave a brief introduction of our new family member –TriboForm, a company offering software solutions for the simulation of friction, lubrication and wear, through a more realistic consideration of tribological effects, a new level of simulation accuracy can be achieved.




Seminars in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun and Beijing

Some of the winners with smile

Some of the lucky winners with a big smile

In addition to the giveaways we prepared for every customer, customized Swiss Army knives and watches with AutoForm logo were given to our lucky draw winners to express our gratitude for their trust and support.

All customers learnt some new functions and highlights of AutoFormplus R7, exchanged software operation experience with our technical experts, and established business contacts and relationships via the events.

We do hope and believe it was worthwhile for every customer to participate in the events, if you were not able to attend this time, no need to worry, let’s meet in 2017!